All Clinics Except Beaver, WV & Charleston, WV Are Now Accepting Walk-Ins.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a new patient at HOPE Family of Pain Centers, where we specialize in the treatment of chronic pain.  In order to become a new patient, you must first qualify yourself by making sure you pass the requirements listed below.

Required Items


All Radiology Reports, Diagnosis Reports, or Operative Reports:  document the origin on your pain.  Note: we do not accept the radiology images, we only accept the paper reports).  Example: MRI's, CT-Scans, or X-Rays.


Valid State ID or Driver’s License:  The identification must be valid and legible so we can  identify you as the patient.


Recent Pharmacy Report: Although this is not required, it is suggested to bring the most recent pharmacy report that documents the medications you are taking.



Payments and Fees



All new in-state patients must pay $275 for their first visit, with follow-up visits only $160 thereafter. *Note: pricing may differ slightly based on location.



All new out-of-state patients must pay $330 for their first visit, with follow up visits only $185 thereafter.  Out-of-state patient fees are higher because it is more costly for us to perform our anti-diversion monitoring program when a patient is located in another state. *Note: pricing may differ slightly based on location.


The new patient pre-screen fee covers the national criminal history report, the first narcotics audit, and the new patient's first physician visit.  We accept insurance, but we do not bill insurance for you. We give you the fee ticket from your visit that you can then submit to your private insurance company for reimbursement.  This exempts us from Federal HIPAA laws that would forbid us from fighting diversion effectively by turning over criminal patient information to law enforcement for prosecution. We only accept cash, money order, and credit card for new patient visit fees  *Note: we do not accept cash or money order in states that prohibit cash and money order transactions.  In these states, we can only accept a credit card as the method of payment for your visit.  The state of Tennessee currently prohibits pain management centers from accepting cash or money order.  If you have private insurance, then we can give you a fee ticket that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Pre-Payment by cash, money order, or credit card may be required at some

clinics before a patient's appointment can be scheduled.


Important Information

     Most primary care physicians are extremely hesitant to prescribe opiate-based pain medications  to treat severe, long-term pain issues in their patients out of fear of potential narcotic abuse and/or the stigma associated with the possibility of civil or criminal liability.  More than 20 million people abuse prescription opiate pain medications each year, leaving the other 40 million legitimate, law-abiding chronic pain patients to suffer needlessly because of their doctor's unwillingness to prescribe opiates.


     At the HOPE Family of Pain Centers we offer the highest quality pain management services available, uniquely personalized to the medicinal requirements of each individual.   Our administrative and medical staff are among the most professional, courteous, and efficient in the field of pain management and anti-diversion services. We take pride in helping our patients to achieve a higher quality of life through appropriate and effective pain diagnosis and opiate-based treatment.


     At the HOPE Family of Pain Centers, we deal specifically with our patients' pain management concerns only.  We are not a general practice medical facility, nor are we a substitute for a patient's Primary Care Physician. We work with our patients to coordinate a pain management program appropriate to their specific pain alleviation requirements, which can then be coordinated with your own family doctor.  We do not keep prescription medication at any of our facilities, nor do we administer intravenous pain medications.  Our medical professionals are highly skilled, and authorized to administer appropriate oral pain medication prescriptions for patients they feel would qualify and benefit from opiate-based pain treatment.  You may then take your prescription to your local primary pharmacy to be filled.


We don't require you to endure painful shots that don't work.

Anti- Diversion Services and Anti-Fraud Technology are provided by:

PPPFD, Inc.'s mission is to protect pain care against the diversion of prescription narcotic pain medicine and help law abiding patients.

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